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“Your 28 Days” are your 28 days. There are no penalties or for completing the 28 days in a year if you needed to, although when possible… definitely shoot for 4 weeks or close to it. Completing the program in 28 days is a great goal and anything close to that is something to be seriously proud of. If you’re someone who prefers a schedule spread out over a longer period of time, you can do that too and view any day on your BodySite mobile app or desktop portal. This program needs to work for you. It’s about doing your best in a realistic and intentional time frame. We realize from living it ourselves that - “Having a game plan is is the game plan!” The tools are here, your journey is what you make of it. We will walk you through some easy ways to incorporate healthy habits into your life with minimal disruption or inconvenience to your normal schedule. We’re confident that regardless of your time frame for completion, actively participating in any way will immediately start improving your life. In most cases, the patient that follows the program and time-frame with serious intention will see the best results, however, “best results” are subject to your goals, lifestyle, and schedule. Everyone wins if you make the decision to Bring It the best you can when you can! We are confident that anyone that completes this program will come out on top with knowledge and a game plan that works.


Clean28 (CheckPoints & Connection Sessions)
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Complete Clean28 Program with your choice of fitness program that fits your needs and lifestyle. Customize your Clean28 program by selecting the bundle that works for you. Each package includes your choice of CheckPoints to help you get started right, and ConnectionSessions to keep you there! Customize your program and crush your goals.

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This package includes everything you need to get going on the right path and start seeing some results through intentional lifestyle changes. The official start date will be determined by you and can be changed at anytime. This package includes four CheckPoints, four ConnectionSessions, and access to the complete Clean28 program (mobile app and desktop portal).


  • CheckPoint | 001 - Your initial appointment in-person, over the phone, or virtual face-to-face. This is a complimentary appointment for anyone interested in the program.

  • CheckPoint | 002 - Your complete program orientation via phone or in-person. It’s best if you were somewhere comfortable with access to your computer, tablet, or anything you prefer to use. This meeting is generally 45-minutes. * Complimentary 3D BodyScans for local patients.

  • CheckPoint | 003 - Your first ride-along. We ride with you for this entire appointment in person or on the phone (with us both riding somewhere). It usually lasts between 20-60 minutes. We cover goal setting, meal prepping, and customize your program for you. * Bluetooth is a blessing for phone rides.

  • CheckPoint | 004 - Your escort to the starting line. Schedule Connections Sessions and official launch date. CheckPoint completion, Clean28 engaged.


  • ConnectionSession 1-8 - In-person, over the phone, or virtual face-to-face connections with your Lifestyle Coach. 15-30 minutes to update weight, mood, sleep, stress, fitness tasks completed. Connection Sessions will keep you accountable, pumped, and ready to dominate. Your lifestyle coach will be there for you to answer any questions and keep you moving and crushing your goals each week. You’re also invited to our Exclusive Facebook Group that has great information and a community of transformers on a similar journey.


Free 40-day Strength & Conditioning journey + 2 CheckPoints & 4 Connection Sessions (save $300+).

Purchase the Clean28 Program “Fly Solo” option and receive KleanFit, 2 CheckPoints, and 4 Connections free! Offer expires: 12/25/18

Enjoy KleanFit with your purchase of Clean28. This program will be available on your app by clicking the diamond-shaped Plans icon at the top right hand of the screen to navigate between your programs. Receive daily emails with instruction, motivation, education, and support. Complete KleanFit at home or your gym. The activities are challenging yet realistic and fun. This step-by-step fitness program is designed for users of all fitness levels.

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Healthy Transformation Nutrition Bundle (20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING)
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Healthy Transformation Nutrition Bundle (20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING)
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Nutrition Bundle

This nutrition bundle is a great addition to the Clean28 program. The HT package includes:

  • 30-day supply of Wellness Essentials (complete vitamin pack - PhytoMulti, EHA-DHA fish oil, Vitamin-D)

  • 30 servings of refrigerated UltraFlora probiotics (includes refrigerated delivery)

  • 30 servings of Perfect Protein (pea and rice) with BCAA’s - Complete breakfast alternative or anytime meal replacement

  • 15 servings of PhytoGanix (fruit & vegetable stick packs)

  • 30 servings of Herbulk Fiber (great with hot tea)

  • 2 Boxes of UltraEnergy bars (meal replacement - Any combination of 12 cookie dough & 12 caramel sea salt, 24 total bars)

  • Free Gift with Purchase! Your choice of our custom, Med1.Life herbal teas. A great blend with Herbulk Fiber. 15 servings.

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Additional Nutraceutical Recommendations for Clean28 are available and can be found in our store using the link above.

  • Healthy Transformation Vegetable Soup

  • Specific Wellness Essentials & Probiotics

Lifestyle appointments are available with Dr. Nicole Tromble as a separate service.
You can view a list of options and book appointments by
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