Phase 1:  Twenty-Eight Days
Healthy Transformation

This is it. The real deal. From Day 1 you will forever be a healthier individual. Mark this day and remember it proud beacuase today is the new beginning of the optimized you!

Your transformation starts with an acknowledgment to the program. Your commitment is the single most important part of the entire process and crucial to your scucess. This confirmation and consent is a very personal decision and not to be taken lightly. Acknowledgements follow your live or virtual appointment with Dr. Nicole Tromble and her team of Certified Health Specialists.

How to get started

The Healthy Transformatoin is the starting place for your optimizatoin journey, however, the education and resources you will master will be with you forever and accelerate your life in the most positive directions. 

The Med1 Life team will guide you through this process every step of the way and take any guesswork out of the equation. We are excited to be part of your decision and applaud your commitment! 

The Healthy Transformation Program

1. Initial Consultation with Dr. Nicole Tromble and the team at Med 1 Aesthetics. 

2. Upon purchasing the program, you will schedule your orientation and evaluation with a certified Med1 Life Specialist. This is the first of many "Konnection Sessions" with your Med1 Life Coach. They will plug you and get you connected and started on the program. You will gain access to our patient portal, private social media pages, receive a complete orientation of the program and mobile app, 3D body scan, complete nutrition plan and much more!

3. During your orientation, you will receive your starter kit, program guide, and access to everything you need. You will complete a physical evaluation and on-boarding covering: 

- Lifestyle Vitals and Health History
- Weight, BMI, and Body Composition
- Flexibility, Muscular Strength, and Muscular Endurance
- Resting Heart Rate, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Target Fat Burning Zone
- Nutritional Supplication and Rx compliance
- Body Measurements and "Before and After" Comparison Avatars and charts
- 3D Body Scanner, Private 3D avatar showing over 50 body measurements,
  comparison data, posture analysis, BMR, body shape index, and much more.
- BMR, Lifestyle Stats, Goal Setting, Sacrificial Burial of nutritional and lifestyle burdens
- Lifestyle Optimization Acknowledgement
- Program Guide, Resources and Login, Tasks and Connection
- Precise Nutritional Meal Planning and prepping
- Scheduling, Life Coaching, and (Kinetix Personal Fitness Conditioning)
- Community and support


Your Complete Transformation Pack

Included with each Healthy Transformation Program - all of your products, tools, blender, water bottle, duffel bag, syringes, alcohol pads, pen, task cards, power packs (nuts), nutracteuticals, and so much more

Included in your program

28+ Breakfast Meal Replacements

28+ Lunch Meal Replacements, Soups, Bars, and alternate options

56 Individual or 28 daily power packs - nutritious raw mixed nut snacks (brazil nuts, walnut, almond, pepita seed, raw cranberry)

Phytoganix Superfruit & Greens Mix (powder container, or individual snack packs) 

30-day afternoon hunger-control nutraceutical HB fiber snack/beverage

30 days of the following nutraceuticals:
- Ultra Flora Balance, Weight Control, or Acute Care (Probiotic)
- Phytomulti (multivitamin)
- EPA-DHA (fish oil)
- D3-1000 (vitamin D)

Complete Food Guide & Grocery List

24+ KinetiX Virtual Strength and Conditioning Workouts for home or gym use using our custom mobile app

2 Fitness Assessments

4 Weigh-ins and Life Coaching Sessions "Konnection Sessions"

12+ Video Coaching Sessions

hCG and other Pharmaceuticals (Rx optional) 

Daily Support

Exclusive Healthy Transformation Facebook Page Access

Lifestyle Guide and Resource Portal


Sample Coaching Session Below: "Cheat Day"


Reviews & Testimonials

24 lbs lost in 28 days

The team at Med 1 made it so easy. After starting the program and watching the first few coaching sessions, I knew if I didn't succeed there was something seriously wrong with me. I didn't realize how much I really didn't know about fitness, nutrition, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

— J.A.

85 lbs down
and never going back!

"It wasn't easy but I knew I didn't put it on overnight and it wasn't going to come off over night. I lost 21 lbs my first month, 16 my second, another 16 my second month and have been averaging at least 10lbs down each month after that. I just hit my goal weight after losing 85 lbs and I've never felt better!

— L.K.

I was going to die.
I know it. 

"My dad passed at 53, I am his clone and I knew with my bad habits I wasn't going to make it out of my 50's either. I am confident that Dr. Tromble has added decades to my life and it's priceless to me. I can't thank the team at Med 1 enough. 

— MH.

Real Stories. Real Results. 

We help train the mind. Our goal is to educate you and change your "state of being". This isn't something you can "un-hear or un-learn". Once you complete our Healthy Transformation program, you're never going back! It's a true lifestyle change!


Welcome to the program!

You are reading this on the first day of the rest of your life. Today you have taken the first step toward forever changing your body, mind, and spirit through the Med 1 Healthy Transformation Program. There are no fads, no diets, nor gimmicks – only science, strategy, and hard evidence. The only variable that can possibly keep you from reaching your goals is YOU. Without your cooperation, enthusiasm, and submission to the plan, it will not work. However, if you are ready to shed your skin and become your ultimate self, inside and out, our certified team has the right answers and will guide you through this exciting journey.


The most pervasive reason people fail is lack of information, resources, and accountability. We will provide you with recommendations throughout this program however, executing them and showing the necessary discipline will be completely up to you.


Congratulations today, tomorrow, and forever! You have made a choice to improve your quality of life and we are excited to be part of your decision. We welcome you and promise to make this next phase of your life one that you will never forget.  Med 1 offers complete custom programming specifically designed to meet your needs. Med 1 specializes in rapid and healthy weight loss and lifestyle optimization. Med 1 Aesthetics is directed and supervised by Nicole Tromble, MD

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