A 40-day unique fitness experience designed for anyone. The plan is straight forward and convenient,
your options, intensity level, and frequency are completely up to you.

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Your 40 Day journey starts here

KleanFit is the “everything plan!” It’s cardio, strength, high and low intensity, flexibility and so much more. This plan is designed to start and stop in exactly 40 days however, this journey is yours and you can start, stop, or alter your dates and schedule at any time. There are six designated rest days assigned that are great for making up missed workouts, or to use for a much earned rest and recovery. This program takes the guesswork out and offers a fun variety of super effective movement tasks.

KleanFit is available for purchase individually and often included in bundles such as Clean28 or Keto, MD. Click below to visit the store or purchase KleanFit below on this page.

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Complete 40 day KleanFit program.

  • All access desktop and mobile.

  • Optional CheckPoint and Connection Session product variants

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The Klean Fitness Plan

The program is easy to follow and does not require a lot of equipment (if any). KleanFit is available via desktop computer or on any mobile device with our convenient BodySite app. View any day, modify any exercise, and start or adjust your start date to fit your schedule. Stay connected with daily emails, reminders, motivation, and optional live coaching. Your tasks and tools are at your fingertips and the road is open and ready for you. Enjoy the ride.