Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Optimization addressing; Testosterone, Estrogen, Menopause, Stress, Weight Gain, Thyroid, Sleep, Fatigue, Sex Drive and More


 Nicole Tromble, MD

Nicole Tromble, MD

Initial Consultation: $150

Each patient starts with a complete medical exam by hormone specialist Dr. Nicole Tromble. Dr. T spends approximately one hour in an integrative “deep dive” consultation addressing all of your medical and personal goals/needs. In most cases if you do not have a copy of recent lab work, bloodwork is prescribed for your local clinic in your area or completed in our office.  Although everything at Med 1 is “fee-for-service”, labs are conducted through a third-party and is covered by most insurance programs. Approximately one week later, a follow up consultation is scheduled to review your results and prescribe a necessary treatment plan.

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Payment, & Follow Up Appointments: $100

We make this part of the process extremely easy and affordable. Payment is due after completing your outstanding live appointment in one of our offices. If you are utilzing our eMed 1 Virtual Assistant service, your payment is due prior to your appointment. All new patients will be emailed a welcome packet and information guide prior to your scheduled appointment time. Patients using eMed 1Virtual Assistant will receive an electronic invoice that is due prior to your scheduled eMed 1 Virtual Assistant web conference.


Why Med1 Virtual Assistant?


  • 256-bit AES portal encryption
  • BAA provided
  • Annual third-party risk assessment


  • Compatible with any device
  • Guided account setup and tutorial
  • Intuitive, simple design

Virtual Consultations: $150 Initial, $75 Follow-up

Using Med 1 Virtual Assistant:

Our staff will Video Call you a 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time. We will confirm all paperwork, payment, and video access. Dr. Tromble will join the call shortly after and start your consultation. Click here to access the intake forms necessary prior to your appointment.

Follow up appointments can be made using our online appointment calendar, calling our office at 844-633-1237, email info@med1aesthetics.com, or private message using social media.

    When you schedule your first appointment, we will contact you and send you a welcome packet with instructions for your appointment and access to your portal. We'll assist in making  your consultation a breeze and guide you to access resources, upload labs, make payments, and set up future appointments. 


    Benefits of Healthy Testosterone Levels

    The benefits of hCG for men include boosting healthy levels of testosterone that’s needed for every biological process to ensure optimal health – even in women.  Just a few of these processes include maintaining weight, muscle mass, bone density, heart health, and sexual development.  Although men need significantly higher levels to not only produce masculine features and deep voices, but also to support our mood, productivity, and happiness.  Correcting low testosterone levels by using hCG for men can bring on a flood of positive benefits including:

    §  Increase red blood cells

    §  Support the cardiovascular system

    §  Increases flow of blood and oxygen

    §  Healthy body hair growth

    §  Weight loss, reduction of fat mass

    §  Increased energy levels, endurance, and performance

    §  Increase in lean muscle mass and muscle strength

    §  Reduced risks of obesity

    §  Improved oxidation in the groin area

    §  Increase in libido

    §  Improved penile growth due to oxidation

    §  Proper stimulation to continue boosted sexual desire

    §  Proper stimulation to improve endurance and sexual performance

    §  Reduced risks of erectile or other sexual disfunctions

    §  Increase in bone density

    §  Reduced risks of arthritis-related conditions

    Using hCG for testosterone therapy can enable you to reap the benefits that allow you to feel like a man again.  If it’s increased energy you need to pound away at the gym, more muscle to burn the fat off, improved overall health to stick around for the family, or even better bedroom performance, with hCG injections the benefits are ripe for the reaping.