Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Rx Hormone)

Daily Injections:   For weight loss, fat burning, and optimization of crucial body processes and function.


The following section describes the protocol and many benefits for using hCG injections for weight loss and improved body function in men and women.

What is the hCG diet and injection protocol?

The human body is comprised of several different fats.  Some of these fats are essential, provide nutrition and protect vital organs from injury.  Excess fat, however, is a problem as it is commonly stored in areas around the hips, thighs, stomach and similar areas throughout the body.  It is the excess fat that is targeted by the hCG diet injections program because it has been found that administering a series of hCG weight loss injections in conjunction with consuming a low-calorie diet results in mobilization of this excess fast and as a result, rapid and sustainable weight loss.

For weight loss, the hCG program is designed to work by restricting your diet to roughly 500-1200 calories per day (most doctors now recommend 500-900 calories for women and 700-1200 for most men).  However, in addition to the 500-1200 food (energy) calories, this program utilizes non-essential fat for energy while sparing essential fat and muscle tissue through the use of hCG injections.

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How does hCG aid weight loss?

Studies performed as early as the 1950’s have proven that hCG diet shots encourage the elimination of fat cells while on a calorie restricted diet. The hCG injections, used with or without the addition vitamin B12, enable the body to distribute its effects on fat cells rather than the muscle tissue.  This allows the body to retain lean muscle without taking any much needed nutrition from other functioning cells. This forces the body to take from fat stores enabling weight loss while on the calorie restricted diet known as the hCG diet protocol.

hCG Injections, sometimes referred to as hCG shots, are the medical form of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  Treatment with the hCG injections is often prescribed for fertility issues and for weight loss in conjunction with the hCG protocol. The dose of hCG most commonly used for the hCG weight loss injection diet is 20 iu/day and the injection is administrated subcutaneously as advised by your doctor.

What is hCG and what should I expect?

The first step to understanding the premise of hCG diet protocol is familiarizing yourself with the substance central to the diet’s success – hCG.

hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that supports and aids normal functions in both the male and female reproductive systems.  hCH in its pure form is known as glycoprotein.  It’s basically a mass of a couple hundred amino acids. Although pregnant women produce increasing levels of hCG throughout gestation, contrary to popular belief, both men and non-pregnant women produce very low level of hCG throughout their lifetime. In men, the male testicles produce very low levels that should be barely detectable, but it does exist to support synthesizing testosterone. 

Daily caloric consumption on the hCG diet includes small portions of mostly protein, some fruit and a variety of healthy vegetables and nuts that are consumed several times throughout the day.  As a result, if you are dedicated to the program, most people can expect to lose up to .5 - 2 pounds of fat per day.  Injecting with daily doses of the diet shots of hCG hormone is essential to the success of the program as the hCG helps to insure muscle is retained during the weight loss period. 

The usage of the ratio of the micro-nutrients plus the injectable hCG over the 4-8 week diet period enables the metabolism to “reset” itself. The metabolism adjusts to the new diet while the hCG kick-starts the burning of fat cells.  Most of the weight loss should occur during the found to eight-week period. Once completed, the metabolism should remain functioning as it was during the diet – at optimum performance.  Of course, in order for the diet to be a optimal, strict adherence to the phases of the diet and program is essential.How do you inject hCG and how much do you use?

The Phases of using hCG “the right way”

Phase 1

In the first phase, often called the “loading phase”, older studies and protocol would encourage large caloric consumption of essential fats such as mixed nuts, fruits such as avocados, green leafy vegetables, and other items like hemp and flax in an effort to build up fat stores.  These are all great items for healthy fats in any diet, however, loading up on them is unnecessary and will in most cases just add to your weight and slow down your results. The real Phase 1 is all about getting ready. Ready for the journey. Ready for obstacles. Committing to your program. Grocery shopping. Tupperwear. Gym bag ready. That’s the real Phase 1. It’s all about getting prepared. Our life coaches will guide you through this process using appointments called “CheckPoints”. These are pre-program appointments strategically  

Phase 2

This phase usually last approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on your doctor’s recommendation. This is when the program officially starts. The hCG injections are easy to administer with an insulin syringe. Most patients use 20 units or 2 cc’s daily. Click the video to the left to view a quick hCG injection demo.

Most of our patients are also following the Clean28 while on hCG. This program is convenient, educational, and a great tool for staying on track. The program is available using our mobile app, or desktop portal. You will receive an email daily and also can add to your app and program list easily for additional fitness plans. Following Clean28 will help make this phase fly by and drop weight quick. Although results vary, many patients using hCG lose between 15-20 lbs within their first 28 days.

The Clean28 program provides a lot of clean eating options but to sum it up, the program recommends a high protein, low carb, clean fat diet. This is True paleo-style “meats and vegetables” with optional nutraceutical support. Calories are restricted and even though hCG is believed to help suppress the appetite, many people eat for reasons unrelated to hunger.  Also cutting carbs can add to the difficulty but it gets easier the longer you continue these healthy habits. Stress and social settings are among some of the more common reasons to eat outside of the planned program.  An acute awareness of these triggers provides a better opportunity for success.  For example, if you find that you are an emotional eater, avoiding any stressful situations or utilizing relaxation techniques when stress is avoidable may make it easier for you to stick to the diet. Your Med 1 Lifestyle Coach will help guide you through this phase and connect with you each step of the way.  

Phase 3

The third phase usually requires a few additional weeks or one more cycle of 4-6 weeks on the program, sometimes with a new fitness program too.  This is the stabilization phase where you may or may not be injecting hCG hormone but you still weigh yourself regularly to insure that your weight loss continues while you continue to exercise, eat healthy and participate in programs decided by you and your Med 1 Lifestyle Coaches.  You will receive specific guidance as to what foods you eat in each phase when you begin a hCG diet program, what workout to follow, and connect regularly.

Phase 4

The final phase is often referred to as the “maintenance phase.” This may happen months after you originally started. Phase 4 starts as you are approaching your goal weight. It is important to stay focused and complete the task. To actually see the weight you set for yourself on a scale and document it physically and mentally.  Now it is time that you celebrate your success and stay strong as you may be more tempted than ever to implement old habits. Celebrate this win and continue to set new goals. This is a time in this process in which you have been inspired and going back to the “old you” is no longer an option. A true “Kinetiko” feeling, an optimized way of life. Support and connecting with Med1 is still extremely important and so is mentoring others who are now looking to you for advice and support.

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What is a Subcutaneous Injection?

There is a fatty layer of tissue just beneath the surface of the skin called the subcutaneous layer. This layer of fat sits above muscle tissue and is the target area of where you want to inject the solution of your weight loss shot. The subcutaneous layer is made up of fat cells and can be easily pinched for the administration of an injection.

With a small needle and fatty tissue as the target, there is little to no pain or discomfort associated with subcutaneous injections. This type of shot is a preferred way to receive injections for the following reasons:

  • little to no pain

  • slow and gradual release

  • stays in the body longer

Directions:  Grab and inject to the fatty tissue of
the abdomen. Rotate injection locations. Inject
20 units once daily.